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Peace Of Mind Never Cost So Little

Congratulations!  You've taken that leap and you're looking to build a new home. Maybe you have a young family building your home for the future, maybe you're empty nesters building that dream home. Either way, it's a big deal. For more than 95% of people, the purchasing and building of a home will be the single largest investment of their entire lives.

Why wouldn't you make it as good as possible?

​Here's the bottom line: NexGen can be used to coat and protect the entire wood package you use to build your new home and provide you and your family with warranted protection from fire, insects, rot, and mold.  We can do this by working directly with your builder/lumber supplier to coat the material before it comes to the jobsite. We can do it without harming the environment, as all our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly.


And we can do it at an incredibly low cost.

How low?  Less than 1% would be added to your total building cost. Yes, that's right, less than 1%.

So, is your home a NexGen home?

It's your home.  It's your family.  It's your choice.

Building a new Home?: Welcome
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