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Middlesbrough, UK Project 2
Wooden Tower Cover
Wooden Tower 5
Wooden Tower 1
Wooden Tower 2
Wooden Tower 4
Wooden Tower 3

The Challenge: In January 2018, the UK experienced one of its worst fires in its long history when 72 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire. While the fire started on the fourth floor, it rapidly spread up the tower, in no small part due to the wood cladding on the building. Many years before, in 2010, the EU's tallest wood-clad building (at the time) was being built in Middlesbrough. The developer wanted to make sure the wood cladding would be safe. But how to best protect wood from fire?

The Solution: NexGen ADVANCED.  Only NexGen ADVANCED is warranted for the prevention of fire for wood substrates, even when used in an exposed environment.  

NexGen ADVANCED also provides warranted protection for insect damage, mould, rot, moisture damage, and decay.  Add to this that all NexGen protective coatings are non-toxic and eco-friendly, it becomes the easy choice for our customers.

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