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The Challenge: This was a new challenge for NexGen!  Keller Foundations, one of the largest foundation solutions companies in North America, urgently needed to find a way to protect the wood pilings being used for a development in Richmond, BC.  However, their standard coating, creosote, would not be allowed for use due to the potential for water contact. British Columbia has some of the most stringent regulations when it comes to chemicals and water contact. So what could Keller do?

The Solution: Use NexGen of course!  NexGen Original, which protects wood from mould, rot, and insect damage, was proposed for use on this project. Keller put it's proposal to the BC Government and NexGen was accepted as a coating that could indeed be used for water contact in the province. This is a remarkable testament to not only the efficacy of the product to hold up for long-term use in any condition, but also the non-toxic, eco-friendly properties of not just NexGen Original but all our protective wood coatings.

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