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Licensing Opportunities

Regional Partnerships

NexGen has become a leader in wood protection due in great part to our partnerships with companies around the world.  NexGen offers exclusive territories to qualified partners.  It would be next to impossible for any company to know the nuances of the construction markets in Japan AND China AND Australia AND Russia AND the United States, and so on.

However, this offers a great opportunity for companies that understand their markets and are looking for the chance to take a great product to market.

Exclusivity means our partner will be the only authorized purchaser, manufacturer, marketer and seller of all NexGen products for their territory.  Of course our partner can sell the product to any customer in their territory they choose, or they can keep the product in-house and use that as a marketing opportunity to be the only company that can provide their customers with NexGen protection.

Territories can range from as small as a county to as large as a country, and are structured in a way to make our partners successful.  Licensing fees are low and can be recouped through low volumes of chemical purchases as we want our partners to direct their budget to marketing and selling the product.

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