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  • Rated Class A fire protection with warranty (our unique global, third party fire warranty protects homeowners PLUS manufacturers, distributors & builders);

  • Warranty for mould, rot, & wood-boring insects, including all termites; Single coating application is simple to do (spray, flood or dip process);

  • Three products (NexGen Original, NexGen FlameShield & NexGen ADVANCED) for 3 types of protection:

  • NexGen Original is warranted for mould, rot, and insects;

  • NexGen FlameShield is warranted for fire;

  • NexGen ADVANCED is warranted for fire, mould, rot, and insects, including all termites;

  • VERY inexpensive – as little as 5 cents / square foot of coated area; Eco-friendly, non-toxic & non-corrosive (no special fasteners required); Contains no formaldehyde;

  • NexGen products contain no heavy metals;

  • NexGen products do not off-gas;

  • Works on all wood products & species of wood; Can be any colour or perfectly clear;

  • Works great as a prime coat;

  • Includes a robust UV blocker for greater longevity and resistance to weathering;

  • NexGen is also a water barrier which can result in up to 25% less waste per bundle (minimizes cupping, twisting, warping, etc., as well as shrinkage after construction);

  • Interior or exterior use, and warranted for both;

  • NOT an intumescent – no handle-with-care issues for coated material, and drill holes do not need to be recoated;

  • Completed audited testing at the world’s leading independent testing agencies, including BM TRADA, Intertek, LSU, Bombardier, and many others – ask us for the reports!

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