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The Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House Interior

The Challenge: One of the world's most beloved buildings needs refurbishment, but must be done in a way that does not change the appearance of the building due to it's World Heritage designation.  It also needs to make sure that the wood used in the renovation is fire rated so that future patrons can attend concerts and shows in safety.

The Solution: NexGen ADVANCED.  Without a doubt, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic buildings in the world.  In 2017, a monumental refurbishment of the grand place was started.  NexGen was the first Canadian company chosen to participate in the project, providing protective coatings the wood that was to be used in the project.

While it may be hard to see at first, there is an incredible amount of wood in the each concert hall.  In fact, every seat you see is actually made of formed plywood.  But because the House was declared a historical site, no matter what changes were to be made, the end result must have the building looking exactly the same after the renovations were completed.  This means that the same wood species must be used, the same carpets, the same light systems.  However, due to code changes, the plywood seats had to be fire protected.  NexGen was the only product that could achieve the fire rating necessary while not changing the appearance of the wood.

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