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The Challenge: How to protect a massive wood construction project from moisture damage, humidity, UV damage, termites, mould... and of course, fire.  And it is enormous; tens of thousands of square feet of glulam beams and CLT panels.

The Solution: NexGen ADVANCED.  Only NexGen ADVANCED could provide the type of protection necessary for this project in Taiyuan, China.  Constant high humidity results not only in untreated wood becoming moldy in hours, but the moisture damages CLT and glulam products and often makes them unusable. In general, China is home to some of the worst termites in the world.  And of course fire is always a concern.  

NexGen ADVANCED provides warranted protection for fire, insect damage, mould, rot, moisture damage, and decay.  For this project, the glulam beams and CLT panels, manufactured by StructureCraft of Canada, were protected with NexGen ADVANCED and kept looking as beautiful as the day they came out of the StructureCraft factory.

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