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NexGen - Making Wood Perfect


NexGen, a Canadian company, protects all the wood used in buildings, and thus the people who live and work in them, and the builders who build them. We do that by manufacturing the world's most advanced wood coatings, coatings that are eco-friendly & non-toxic, and protect wood from:

  • Fire

  • Mould

  • Rot

  • Decay

  • Insect Damage


Our coatings also protect any wood substrate from moisture damage and UV damage.
Choose a scenario: A family has engaged a company to build them a new home; a developer wishes to build a 20-story CLT complex; a mining company needs 50 work camps.  What if the entire wood package used in these construction projects:
- Was protected from fire;
- Was protected from mould, rot, and wood-boring insects, including termites;
- Used only non-toxic, eco-friendly chemicals (unlike deadly, toxic pressure treatment chemicals);
- Came with a global warranty for all of the above, the only policy of its kind ever written;
- Had all of the above without adding even 1% to the overall building costs?
How many would say no? At the very least, shouldn’t everyone be given the option?

Look, no one likes to think about home fires, just like no one likes to think about car accidents – but there is a reason every car comes with seatbelts.  NexGen is kind of like seatbelts for your home - protecting your family from the horrible realities of fire, mould and insects.


Recently NexGen was chosen to safeguard the lives of all future patrons of the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic structures in the world, and the very fact that their team of building professionals and engineers chose NexGen Wood Protection to protect all the wood speaks to the unmatched protection and reputation of our revolutionary, eco-friendly technology.
NexGen Wood Protection was also a key supplier for the Panama Canal Expansion Project, the EU's tallest (30m) wood-clad building used NexGen on all the cladding, and NexGen protected the glulam beams and CLT’s in the 6-story all-wood addition to the Penticton Casino Resort.  
Why are they, and so many additional CLT / wood builders on six continents, choosing NexGen?
NexGen-coated materials (any wood substrate) are warranted for fire - the only warranty like it in the world.  NexGen also warrants these materials for the prevention of mould, rot, and insect infestation from all wood-boring insects, including termites (50 years for covered material, 30 years for exterior use).
You only need a single coat which can be applied to the wood via brush, spray, flood coating, roller, or dipping, and can be done either at the factory or on the jobsite.












Best of all, NexGen coatings are remarkably inexpensive, as little as 3 cents / square foot of coverage area and less than 1% to any new build.

NexGen will continue to change the way wood is protected, moving the industry away from toxic pressure treatment chemicals to an eco-friendly, non-toxic, low-energy-consumption alternative.
There’s a reason no one builds a home or commercial property with pressure-treated lumber, just as there is a reason more and more builders are using NexGen to do so.

Again, this is NOT an intumescent (foaming) coating, this is NEW technology. The coated wood can be wet-stacked and hard-packed immediately after coating, and you don't need to "handle with care" as surface abrasions or even drill holes are NOT an issue.
What is most important is that you don’t simply take my word for it (not that you would).  Ask NexGen – or any other company, especially the large pressure treatment companies – to show you the data.
The way the world builds is undergoing rapid change to try to somehow meet both the humanitarian and the environmental demands of today AND tomorrow – and together we can lead that change rather than be swept along behind it.


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